Who We Are

About Us

AISETSS LLC was founded in 2017 to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for customers to build greener, safer and smarter chemical process plants by continuously developing and commercializing advanced smart plant technologies and process intensification technologies in the chemical process industry.
The AISETSS team has been actively exploring opportunities to upgrade traditional process technologies in refinery, petrochemical, fine-chemical, pharmaceutical, and enzyme-driving bio-fuel or bio-chemical plants, and enriching our technology pool for services of technological consulting, peer-work review, on-field (the initial start-up) troubleshooting, plant green revamping, plant optimization, process engineering design and smart plant system.
AISETSS has been passionately and persistently making efforts on
(a) accurate thermodynamics correction methods and reactor models for reliable engineering design and plant modelling,
(b) intelligent engineering design system for on-field services and engineering design,
(c) advanced process intensification technologies: catalysts (monolith hierarchy-structured catalysts, membrane catalysts), selective adsorbents, membrane-separation, extraction/extractive distillation, intensified heat integration process technologies,
(d) smart plant system, including plant chemical and physical process models, plant equipment prediction models, continuously self-evolving models and smart APC models,
that construct the foundations and leading competitiveness of AISETSS technological services:
(a) Smart Plant System to upgrade auto-control plants to modern smart plants,
(b) Intelligent engineering design and whole-plant optimization services,
(c) Advanced and Emerging Process Intensification Technologies: lab research, pilot scale-up, and engineering services,
(d) well-developed R&D services: reactor models, process simulation models, process integrations, and technology route screening,
to serve technology developers, engineering companies and plant-runners in the chemical process industry.
The AISETSS team consists of extraordinary scientists and engineers of multidisciplinary background, who have worked in chemicals, refining, natural gas, fine-chemical, bio-chemical, catalysts processing, professional software developing, and intelligent system (robotic system) R&D. Some have worked in process industrial plants, some have won experience in engineering firms, and others came from software firms. The technical team is composed of physical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, software and mathematical professionals and experts who are experienced to provide global leading services in the fields. In addition, AISETSS has a diverse group of disciplines that can handle almost all possible compliance issues and permitting needs. Our diversity allows us to handle research and engineering projects and relevant permits required for making them operational.
AISETSS has served engineering companies and plant-runners worldwide with our innovative cutting-edge technological solutions since 2017. The AISETSS team look forward to providing the best services for clients to develop safer, greener, and smarter plants.