Milestone Events

2017.03 AISETSS LLC was founded in Fulshear, Texas, United States
2018.03 Provide Green Chemical Technological Services for both engineering companies and plant-runners:
- FEL(front end loading),
- FEED(front end engineering design),
- BED(basic engineering design) packages,
- Plant revamping and troubleshooting,
- Process Intensification Technologies' researches and applications in the chemical process plants,
-Special process simulation models developed upon clients' requirements.
2018.05 The chemical knowledge service system released for efficient chemical process engineering design.
2018.10 Proprietary green revamping technologies for performance upgrading of Delayed Coking Units.
2018.10 Smart Plant System released to assist plant smart-running in the chemical process industry.
2019.03 Various Green Hybrid Solvents developed for extractive separations of C6-C11 aromatics, Cyclo-olefins, dienes, olefins, styrene, and many azeotropic mixtures.
2019.05 Green intensified aromatics complex integrated with PTA and PET processes released.
2019.08 The membrane-separation technology for polymer-grade C2-C4 olefins' productions.
2019.11 Smart plant system upgraded with proprietary smart controlling modules for close-loop controlling of process optimizing and controlling.
2019.11 Smart Production system for natural gas and oil fields.
2020.09 Graphite derived advanced carbon materials (graphene and strucutred graphene) process technologies, include proprietary catalysts, equipment and intensified process design at the industrial scale.