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Process Intensification Technologies

AISETSS has re-designed many conventional process technologies widely applied in the chemical industry by creative applications of advanced process intensification technologies. We have made effective efforts over the past years and currently engage in developing and commercializing a range of matured or emerging P. I. process technologies presented in the table below.

Series No. Technologies and Services
1 Catalysts and Adsorbents: molecular sieves, nanomaterials, porous materials and monolith porous hierarchy structured catalysts and adsorbents
2 Chemicals and Solvents for P.I. Process Applications
3 Intensified Reaction and Separation Equipment and Key Internals
4 Membrane Separation Technologies
5 Process Design Package for Intensified Extraction/Extractive Distillation Technologies
6 Technology Route Screening
7 Green Revamping of Conventional Process Technologies
8 Intensified Modular Plant Design
9 Field Intensified Super-catalysts Empowered Reactors and Modelling
10 Membrane distillations
11 Integration of P.I. Equipment and P.I. Process Design for Process Plant Green Revamping
12 Technologies' applications for resin/polymer Production processes.
13 Heat Integration Distillation Technologies for B.P. closed and Azeotropic Mixtures

AISETSS warmly embrace all cooperation opportunities with research organizations, universities, companies, and experts to make full advantages of our complementary strengths to develop and commercialize P. I. technologies in the chemical process industry.

We are now provide process technology research services for advanced emerging P. I. technologies and process engineering design services for commercialization of intensified process technologies re-designed by AISETSS.

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