Intensified Process Technologies

Lights Conventional Process Technologies with Green P. I. Technologies and A. I. Technologies

AISETSS P. I. Technologies

We provide process technology consulting, peer-work review, plant green revamping, engineering design and or smart plan system services for the intesified process technologies redesigned by AISETSS.
Carbon Materials

(1) structured graphenes productions and application process complex
(2) super-strength carbon fibers manufacturing process technology
(3) carbon blacks process technology (intensfied energy-efficiency technology)
and corelated downstream application complex in advanced composites materials, battery materials, and structural materials

Refinery and Petrochemical

(1) Modular Refinery Plants ( Intensified Crude Oil Distillations)
(2) Reforming Reactor System Intensifications
(3) FCC Reactor System Intensifications
(4) HDT Reactor System Intensifications
(5) Gas ( FCC off-gas, C1-C3 lights) to gasolines
(6) Methanol to Olefins Process Technologies
(7) Methanol to Aromatics Process Technologies
(8) Epoxy resins, petroleum resins, and various functional co-polymers
(9) Methyl chlorides process technologies
(10) Mixed alcohols' separations
(11) Bio-chemicals and Bio-fuel process technologies
(12) C4/C5-C6/C7-C8/C9-C12 HCs' Isomerization Process Technologies
(13) Upgraded extractive distillations and liquid-liquid extraction process technologies for productions of aromatics, olefin monomers (ethylene, propylene, 1,3-butadiene, CPD etc.), styrene, ethylbenzene, cyclohexane, etc.
(14) Upgraded green intensified aromatics complex followed with PTA and PET process technologies: Green Benzene/Toluene/Xylene/BT/TX/BTX/Styrene/C9-C11 aromatics extractions from various aromatics sources (FCC gasoline, reformate, pyrolysis gasoline, bio-aromatics etc.), Olefins' extractions, xylene isomerization, C7 and C9-11 aromatics transalkylation, selective toluene methylations, EB extractions, toluene disproportionation, intensified C6-C9+ aromatics distillations, PX purifications(integration of crystallization and selective absorbing), and intensified PTA and PET process technologies
(15) Glycol process technologies (synthetic gas, ethylene, ethylene oxide)
(16) Gas Sweetening (H2S, CO2, etc.)
(17) Intensified Membrane Separation for Polymer-Grade C2-C4 Olefins' Productions
(18) Intensified multi-phase polymerization process technologies: Proprietary Reactors and Processing
(19) Propylene process technologies
(20) Acrylonitrile process technologies
(21) Acrylic acid process technologies
(22) Green Natural gas treatment technologies
(23) LNG process technologies
(24) Gasoline desulfurization process technologies
(25) Off-Gas desulfurization process technologies
(26) Gasoline HDS technologies
(27) Intensified distillation processing technologies for C5 HCs
(28) Diesel HDT process technologies
(29) Ammonia process technologies
(30) Proprietary green revamping technologies for Delayed Coking Units
(31) Green C4 complex for high-value butadiene and 1-butene productions
(32) DWC and HIDiC Distillation Process Technologies for various distillation system
(33) Enzyme-driven process technologies (bio-mass, bio-fuel, and bio-specialty chemicals)

Food and Pharmacy

(1) Integration of intensified extraction and purification process technologies for processing herbs, seeds, leaves, flavor and spicy species, fruit peels, chemical-rich tree peels etc.
(2) Brewing process technologies (wine, vinegar, beer, etc. )
(3) Aromatic flavor bio-extraction process technologies

Environmental Engineering

Pollution Treatment Process Technologies for:
(1) Waste Water Polluted by Harmful or Poisonous Organics, Heavy Metallic Ions, and or Sludges
(2) Soils Polluted by Crude Oils or Heavy Metallics
(3) Air Purification System (CHO, Benzene, Aromatics, PM2.5, Fammable Gas etc.)

Catalysts and Adsorbents

(1) Catalytic process under field intensifications
(2) P. I. technologies for productions of advanced catalysts and adsorbents
(3) Monolith catalysts and adsorbents of hierarchy structures
(4) Membrane Catalytic Separation System.

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