Process Equipment and Instruments

AISETSS P. I. Technologies

We provide process equipment and instruments.
Series No. Process Equipment and Instruments
1 High-efficiency tower internals LG, LL and LLG systems
2 Efficient compact/plate/printed heat exchangers
3 Heat-pump assisted distillations
4 Heat integrated distillation column, DWC, intensified membrane distillation, field intensified distillations
5 Oscillatory baffle flow reactors
6 Gas/Liquid/LG/LGS reactors and reactor internals
7 Microchannel reactors
8 Reactive distillation column
9 Membrane for olefin-paraffin separations
10 Membrane for hydrogen separations
11 Modular process plants ( aromatic species extraction from plants or seeds)
12 Sludge cleaning robots
13 Instruments for equipment and pipe corrosion, slugging and fouling detecting
14 HCs leakage detection system
15 Real-time reaction analyzing system

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