Whole-Plant Green Revamping

Less Consuming, More Yields...

AISETSS P. I. Technologies

We Provide Whole-Plant Green Revamping and Upgrading for Chemical Process Plants by Applying the Intesified Process Technologies Redesigned by AISETSS.

Utilizing process intensification and process enhancement technologies, we will explore possible process upgrading opportunities in a chemical process plant. We will fully analyze original engineering design documents and plant history data, propose suitable revamping projects for technical screening, and provide enough technical information for customer to preliminary evaluate the strictly selected green revamping projects, including technology profile, key equipment list, engineering economic analysis, period from kick-off meeting to the initial start-up commissioning, and investment return period. For more detailed evaluation information, we can provide detailed feasibility studies for the most beneficial revamping projects.


- A map for plant modernization and upgrading
- CapEx and OpEx savings up to 20-80%
- Selectivity and yield increased up to >10 times
- More durable and flexible operation window for products of high quality
- Significant process safety increase

Work Flow

- Clarification and alalysis of customers' needs
- Collecting plant design documents and plant history data
- Original engineering design rating, checking and analyzing
- Troubleshooting the gap between design goals and operational status per requests from customers
- Exploring green-revamping opportunities to upgrade plant by applying advanced process intensification and enhancement technologies, including catalysts, solvents, chemicals intensified processes, and intensified process equipment.
- Technical screening and rating for valuable green revamping projects.
- Feasibility studies for the selected green revamping projects.

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