Smart Plant Technologies

From Conventional Auto-Control Plants
To Modern Smart Plants

AISETSS Smart Plant Technologies

We provide smart plant system and relevant technological consulting for building smart plants in the chemical process industry.

The smart plant system is composed of the smart plant platform and the smart APC system. The smart plant platform bridges the proprietary process optimization models, equipment maintenance models, process safety models and the embedded self-evolving models as an open self-evolving system. The smart APC system provides prime smart controlling models to upgrade traditional PID and multi-variable controlling models.


Close-loop control of process optimization and controlling is the most idea way for plant running. The process simulation models predict the plant optimized state according to changes in feed composition, product specifications, and climates. After receiving new optimized process parameters predicted by the process simulation models, the smart APC system will switch the operational state to the optimized state by tuning the process controlling parameters to the new optimized values by the proprietary smart APC models. In the meantime, the process safety models can make the existing plant safety system safer and smarter, and the models for plant equipment maintenance can optimize the plant maintenance schedule and predict equipment status, which is able to avoid huge losses from unplanned shutdown and safety accidents. We can provide the Smart Plant System and the Smart APC system for most refinery and petrochemical process units. The smart plant system is ready to serve more refinery and petrochemical plants.

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