Smart Advanced Process Control

From Conventional Auto-Control
To Modern Smart-Control

AISETSS Smart Plant Technologies

We Provide Smart APC System for Chemical Process Plants.

In the smart APC system, we provide the hardware platform and software instrument to upgrade the existing plant process control system (DCS, FCS, and or PLC).
Hardware: Server, Firewall, Communication Interface
Software: Smart Modeling, Smart Design of Controller, Multi-variable Control, Optimization Control Model, Troubleshooting Model, System Maintenance Model
Proprietary Key Smart Controlling Technologies: Smart Model Building, Smart MIC, Smart PID, Smart Non-linear Variable Control, Smart BTC Control, Expert System, Optimization-Control Design, Fault Detection & Protection
We Provide Global Leading Solutions for Process Control Model, Accurate Controlling, Coordination Control, Troubleshooting, and Optimum Control.

smart apc system


- Stable Control without manual intervention up to 97%
- Key controlling parameters varied amplitudes 30% smaller
- Yields Increased ~5%
- Utility Consumption Decreased ~5%
- Shorter start-up time, simpler operation, and lower work intensity
- Less energy consumption and waste discharge
- Longer equipment longevity, and running period
- Enhanced plant safety and reliability

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