Whole-Plant Optimization

Create, Enhance and Sustain Plant Performances...

AISETSS Smart Plant Technologies

We Provide Whole-Plant Optimization to Create, Enhance, and Sustain Optimum Performances for Chemical Process Plants.

Whole-plant process optimization empowered with proprietary process simulation models can improve plant performances continuously. We will provide simulation models for each process technology, relevant operation updates, start-up service, predictable equipment maintenance, enhanced plant safety and optimum market performance for the clients in the chemical process industry, especially for refinery, petrochemical, fine chemical, and pharmaceutical process plants.


The customer will get the benefits from the whole-plant optimization service as follows.
- Whole-plant vision
- Continuously improvement of plant performance
- Plant digitalization
- Lower operating expenses
- Effective plant maintenance
- Asset safety and performance enhancement
- Easier process debottlenecking
- Flexible and adaptable plant operation window
- Getting core part prepared for further modern smart-plant system
- More stable product quality
- Low investments and obvious outcomes

Work Flow

- Discussions for customers' requirements
- Helping customers to figure out design basis
- Collections of engineering design documents and plant history data
- Customizing optimum intelligent process models
- Tests and implementations of the well-developed intelligent plant models on-field

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